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Rules in Outlook

73. How can I direct emails to a specific folder?

Go to Tools > Rules and Alerts. Click on New Rule.
Click on Start from a blank rule. Select "From people or distribution list" and then click on the Browse link in the bottom portion of the window to select the appropriate Contact or Distribution List and Click on Next.
Select "Move it to the specified folder" and then use the Browse box in the bottom portion of the window to select the appropriate folder.

74. Custom Rules (e.g. from Rules Wizard) are applied first before my junk filter.

You can't change this
Leave all mail in the Inbox and use search folders instead of Rules Wizard to view messages separated from other messages.

75. In Outlook 2002, my Rules seem only to work when I start them manually.

Service Pack 2 fixed the Rule problem, here is an overview;EN-US;325675
Note you need to install SP 1 first.

76. Outlook Rules that target text in the email body are not working reliably on HTML mail.

I recommend downloading SpamBayes for Outlook to fight against spam.

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