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56.) When printing messages in HTML, names of attachments are not printed.

Change the format of your email to Text or RTF to ship around this problem.

57.) When printing Meeting Requests in Outlook, the list of attendees is missing.

Open the Tracking tab and hit Print Screen and copy into Word.

58.) Is it possible to print only a few pages of a long message?

This only functions in HTML.
Go to Print and the printer box comes up. The first page lower left has the option to print all pages (Default) or you can select a range (Page 1-3) or list what pages (2,3,5 etc).

59.) Is it possible to print out emails without having the user name printed on the top left row?

Open the message and save as an HTML.
Print the HTML file. Remove footer by going to File > Page Setup.

9. How can I access or change the Temporary Attachment Folder?

Microsot describes the way to change the location:;EN-US;249793

10. I am trying to send attachments from Outlook 2002 to someone who uses Outlook Express 6. They can't see the attachment from within their email

Microsot describes the way to change the location:;EN-US;249793

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